Audioweld Synthwatch Is The World’s First Wristwatch Synthesizer!

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Audioweld Synthwatch is the world’s first wristwatch Synthesizer with an built-in keyboard that interacts with an dedicated app on your mobile device!

To be in vogue, a smartwatch like an Apple Watch is an important accessory in 2018. But who is not a friend of these computer clocks but more a Synthesizer friend, should look at the Synthwatch. For a long time the Synthesizer communities laughed at Synthesizer watches like the KORG Kronos or Moog Music Patch Watch on April 1st. Now there is a real one!

Audioweld from Italy has launched today the Kickstarter campaign for the Synthwatch, the first world’s first wristwatch Synthesizer. It has a build in engine that allows you to play/record everywhere you want. With an addition app, you can add wirelessly effects as well as sequencer to your tracks. On the clock interface is a 1-octave long keyboard with which you can play notes. Certainly a challenge. It will be interesting to see how this campaign will end.


How many times has it happened to you to have a melody in your head without being able to get rid of it or… to express it somehow? Our team has been seeking to develop a portable device that doesn’t need heavy machinery and long cables, easy to wear, user friendly and at the same time professional, ready to be used outdoors or inside a pro studio. Why not a wristwatch? That’s how the Synthwatch® idea was born. Two years of development can be transformed in reality with your help.

Audioweld Synthwatch

The Synthwatch® is a portable synthesizer that allows you to express yourself in every moment of your life. Its main function is real-time play that makes you able to create music, to record it and to add effects synthesized through the app (designed for iOS and Android users). The solid Titanium Grade 5 watch case is extremely lightweight and is designed to hold perfectly such a piece of technology.

Audioweld Synthwatch

The Synthwatch keys are meant to be pressed by every kind of finger size. Moreover, the usb cable is equipped with a three and a half millimetres female jack which can be used to connect your Synthwatch to every kind of sound speaker or amplifier. With the help of the app you can select the sequencer function and make your own music from A to Z! No time anymore? No worries! You can save both recordings and sequencer and come back to it when you have time! 

Professional watchmakers family – since the ’70s we are pioneers of horological innovation since the days of the first American diapason clock. With a team of sound engineers, designers, electronic engineers, musical producers we created the first musical wrist watch – or better, the world’s smallest synthesizer: the Synthwatch®.

Audioweld Synthwatch

Stretch Goals

  • 100K the app: implementation of an app for iOS & Android devices
  • 200K polyphony: possibility of implementing Synthwatch polyphony: the ability to play several keys at the same time (chord type)
  • 500K bounce: possibility to implement the export mode of the saved tracks by the application on mobile devices
  • 1M: adding user’s own sounds (in wav format) through a mobile application
  • 2M: standalone app for iOS and Windows connected to Synthwatch via wireless technology.

Audioweld Synthwatch is available now for pre-order on Kickstarter for a starting price of 450€ and shipping starts in April 2019. The official retail price will be 695€.

More information here: Audioweld Synthwatch

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