CYRK Share Their Love For Hardware In The Electronic Beats Tech Talk!

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CYRK greeted in their studio Electronic Beats to a new Tech Talk in which it goes above all about hardware Synthesizers and Knobs!

In the latest Electronic Beats Tech Talk episode the video creators visited the music producer & musician duo CYRK from Berlin. In the studio of the producers it’s all about hardware and its advantages. From desktop Synthesizers (Elektron Digitakt, Digitone, Modor NF-1…), a complete Eurorack system, guitar pedals… the setup of CYRK can be described as big and versatile. They affirm their opinion about hardware with the statement: “we love knobs” clearly.


CYRK are Berlin-based live performers and producers who are self-professed “hardware geeks” and the latest to give a ‘Tech Talk’ on Telekom Electronic Beats TV. Members Sierra Sam and Pascal Hetzel detail why they’ve chosen a modular synthesizer setup, how live improvisation feeds into their productions plus how their hardware-heavy setup interacts with Ableton Live.

More information here: Electronic Beats 

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