Twisted Electrons Crazy8 Firmware Update 2.0 Features Quadraphonic CV Support!

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The powerful and compact sequencer Crazy8 from Twisted Electrons has received an 2.0 update with quadraphonic CV support and custom CV calibration!

There are many sequencers on the market. Some are good known other less well-known. The Crazy8 by Twisted Electrons is one of the lesser-known but wrongly because this is strong compact sequencer for an affordable price. The company has recently updated the Crazy8 sequencer firmware to v.2 with major new features.

Highlights are quadraphonic CV that allows you to play 4 voice chords and a new custom CV calibration. Beside this, they improved the workflow of the Crazy8.

Features Of The Twisted Electrons Crazy8 Sequencer

  • 4 Polyphonic MIDI tracks with chords: send on MIDI port 1
  • 4 Analog CV/Gate tracks: also send MIDI on MIDI port 2
  • Polyphonic CV! (4 voice chords)
  • Sync in and out
  • MIDI Clock input and output, MIDI Slave and Master supported
  • MIDI pattern “Feeding” and transposing
  • Heads up mode to display all active steps and chords at a push of the button
  • Custom CV calibration per note
  • Independent length per pattern: up to 16 steps per pattern. Chain up to 8 patterns for 128 step patterns
  • Independent playback per track: Forward, backwards, pendulum and random
  • Independent rates per track: /4, /3, /2, x1, x2, x3, x4, x8
  • 8 Levels of Swing & 2 swing modes
  • Variable duty per pattern
  • Crazy effect per pattern: values 1-8 reduce probability of step, values 10 to 16 add musical improvisation based on the pattern’s content
  • Offset step playback per track
  • Transpose all tracks to any key with ease
  • SYSEX memory storing/recalling
  • MIDI real time pattern feeding
  • Sequence transpositions (key tracks)
  • No menus, no BS

New In Firmware Update 2.0

  • Polyphonic CV (4 voice chords)
  • Custom CV calibration
  • Show active steps and chords (hold shift in step mode)
  • Pattern change at end of cycle
  • Monitor mode (use C8 as midi/Cv performance keyboard)
  • Rec mode with on/off to punch in pattern via MIDI

The firmware update 2.0 is available now free of charge for existing users of the Crazy 8 sequencer. The Twisted Electrons Crazy8 is available now for 255€ excl. VAT.

More information here: Twisted Electrons

Available here: Twisted Electrons Crazy 8

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