SpaceMotors Is A Sci-Fi Vehicle Synthesizer For Complex Dynamic Engine Sounds!

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Create impressive Sci-Fi vehicle sounds known from movies like Blade Runner, Tron with the new SpaceMotors Synthesizer plugin by LeSound!

Classic Synthesizer sounds are well known: arpeggios, bass, lead, pads… When sound designers works for movies, they often use hardware & software synths in a different way and use them for creating big effects per example. Beside the classic synths, there are also plugins on the market that are designed for specific sounds. One of these companies who developed unique products is Le Sound that has very different sound generators in their portfolio.

Their latest release is called SpaceMotors and is a sci-fi vehicle sound Synthesizer that allows you to create complex dynamic engine sounds. This sounds can be found in well-known Sci-Fi movies where you can see robots, space-ships etc. The sound engine is based on three oscillators to create complex harmonic sounds. This new release shows nicely what is possible with software solutions and less with hardware. In short: it’s an synth plugin for movie sound designers less for classic musicians!

LeSound SpaceMotors Synthesizer Plugin


SpaceMotors is a sci-fi vehicle sound synthesizer to easily create complex dynamic engine sounds such as Podracers, Transformers, Tron, Blade Runner.


  • Create complex Sci-fi vehicle sound with a single knob.
  • Auto link modulation to generate dynamic accel/decel behaviours.
  • From pure oscillator sounds to aggressive machine sounds.
  • Rich factory preset collections for instant creation.


  • Global Speed is the main control for creating acceleration and deceleration.
  • Oscillator module uses three oscillators to generate complex harmonic sounds.
  • Reactor module uses delay-based effects to pitch-shift the harmonic sounds generated by Oscillator.
  • Noise module adds a filtered noise layer. It provides an excellent variety for space hiss sounds.
  • Granulator module generates the “core character” of SpaceMotors sounds beyond subtractive synthesis, allowing to create a wide variety of vehicle sounds.
  • Tremolo & Vibrato Effects apply complex modulation behaviours.

SpaceMotors is available at 149€ for perpetual license and from 8€/month for Le Sound Bundle subscription.

More information here: LeSound

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