Voltage Modular 2.0, Free Update With New Modules, Features & Improvements

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Voltage Modular plugin enters the 2 nd patching round with more modules, better workflow, new GUI,  and all this comes in a free update for all existing users.

The market of Eurorack-inspired modular Synthesizer plug-ins is highly competitive. One of the most exciting and excellent sounding plugins besides VCV Rack is Voltage Modular. The developers have today released Voltage Modular 2.0 with a lot of new features that bring the plugin back into focus and will attract many new users, hopefully.

The new 2.0 update contains many new functions that make patching more complex, but also more organized and easier at the same time. Unlimited cables per jack allow endless modulation possibilities. The new Busses feature offers an ingenious new way to build complex patches and eliminate messy cables. With variations, the developers take modular synthesis in VM in unprecedented new directions with unlimited variation available per patch. Play variations individually, or use triggers or CV to move through variations in endless ways. That’s pretty impressive.

Voltage Modular 2.0

The IO panel now includes an integrated Recording section, generating pristine 32-bit floating-point audio files, sourced from the IO Panel main left and right outputs. Workflow improvements are everywhere in Voltage Modular 2.0, from custom module categories and search terms to optional auto-alignment of modules in cabinets.

New Looks, Modules & Functions

Voltage Modular 2.0 has a new nice look but also many reworked modules, making them easier to use, more powerful, and more compact.

For example, we’ve added linear FM modulation to the Oscillator module, resonance modulation to the Filter module, dual channels to the Oscilloscope, and tempo sync to the Stereo Delay module. Legacy Cherry Audio modules will continue to be updated over the next couple months.

Voltage Modular 2

The Core package has been expanded to include the new Poly Vintage Oscillator, Poly Ladder Filter, Poly Super Oscillator, Poly Super Envelope Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, MIDI File Player, and Micro Mult modules. These new modules and presets are free to all owners of the Voltage Modular Core package. Plus, there are new presets for the Nucleus and Ignite packages as well.

The MS Vintage Bundle has also received a free upgrade: it includes the new Poly VCO-20 Dual Oscillator and Poly VCF-20 Filter, or polyphonic playback of their gargantuan tones. The bundle is currently on sale for $19 (regular $30) through May 31! Misfit Audio’s Digi Drums bundle has been expanded with the new Digi Sample module. Drag any drum sample onto this fun new module for instant triggering. And, yes, Digi Sample is absolutely FREE to all owners of the Digi Drums Bundle!

Vector Bundle

Besides the new update 2.0, Cherry Audio also released the new Vector Bundle ($39) that includes the AirWave, Poly AirWave, AirVector, and AirStep modules. These incredible modules simply have to be heard to be believed. Combining the power of vector synthesis, sample playback, and wave sequencing with raw modular synthesis, these modules deliver a vast new palette of dynamically changing tone colors to Voltage Modular

Voltage Modular 2

Vintage Voice Bundle ( ARP 2600 & Juno-106 Emulations)

That’s not al. Also new is the Vintage Voice Bundle ($39) that comes features two synth voices & modules inspired by the ARP 2600 & Roland Juno-106 Synthesizers: SynthVoice, SynthVoice Filter, DCO-60, VCF-60, and Chorus-60 modules.

  • SynthVoice: semi-modular ARP 2600 inspired synth voice  with 2 oscillators, multi-mode filter, LFO, dual envelope generators, s&h & spring reverb
  • SynthVoice Filter puts the brute power of SynthVoice’s multi-mode filter into a separate module
  • DCO-60: semi-modular Roland Juno-106 inspired synth voice.
  • VCF-60: DCO-60 highpass & lowpass as a separate module
  • Chorus-60

Vintage Voice Bundle

Cherry Audio also eliminated the limit on free modules, so commercial developers can now publish all the free modules they’d like. And the minimum module price is now $5 only.

Cherry Audio Voltage Modular 2.0 update is available now as a free download for existing users.

More information here: Cherry Audio

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