Generalmusic by Soundion Introduced Elka Panther Vintage Organ Plugin!

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The iconic sound of the Elka Panther 300 organ from the 60s is now available for every DAW musician in form of a new plugin for PC & Mac!

Yes, at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt this year new products were introduced. It will be less but it is still a classic fair. One the new announcements was the Generalmusic by Soundion Elka Panther vintage organ plugin for PC & Mac. It’s an emulation of the vintage Elka Panther 300 organ from the 60s using the latest physical modelling technology.

It’s not only a recreation of the famous sound of this vintage organ but it offers musicians also an instrument that goes further in the sound. With a wide range of features, it’s possible to create you own Elka Panther sound.

Generalmusic by Soundion Elka Panther Vintage Organ Plugin!


The Elka Panther 300, also known as the Capri, is a classic Italian combo organ of the 60s. The instrument produces bold, rich organ sounds and has a wide range of tonal variations (13).

The Elka Panther plug-in is based on physical modeling (no samples inside) of a vintage Elka Panther 300 organ. The modeling of the rare LEM Echo Music tape delay enlarge original organ sound with reverberation and echo. Even the wow and flutter characteristics are audible in this authentic tape delay modeling. This plug-in includes a separate Elka Panther 100 modeling. It expands the sounds of the plug-in more expressiveness and emotional impact.

A certain amount of noise belongs to the sound of vintage instruments. To achieve this original sound and authentic vibe, that noise has been modeled and the level of that noise can be adjusted. Several other expanded or additional features are included in this plug-in.


Physical modeling (no samples used) of vintage ELKA Panther 300 (1966-1972)

  • 13 treble stops in 4 ranks (16′, 8′, 4′, Mixture), plus 2 bass stops
  • Treble voice stops: Bourdon 16′, Contra Oboe 16′, Strings 16′, Open Diapason 16′, Flute 8′, Strings 8′, Clarinet 8′, Oboe 8′, Flute 4′, Strings 4′, Salicet 4′, Mixture I, Mixture II
  • Bass voice stops: Bass Bourdon 16′, Bass Dulciana 16′
  • Adjustable 16′, 8′, 4′, Mixture, and bass mix
    • In the harmony control section, the level of the 16′, 8′, 4′ and Mixture voices can be infinitely varied via the knobs
    • Mixture I “Harsh” and Mixture II “Mellow” are a combination of 3 pitches: 2-2/3′, 2′ and 1-3/5′
  • Bass pedal board
  • Onboard vibrato: on/off, lite/heavy, slow/fast
  • Tone decay: on/off, adds an attack percussive effect to Mixture tabs
  • Optical swell (volume) pedal
  • Rare LEM Echo Music tape delay effect
  • The LEM is also a 2-channel mixer, with tone controls and pan
  • Fully polyphonic

Additional Elka Panther 100 Engine

  • 6 treble stops in 2 ranks (16′, 8′) plus 1 bass stop
  • Treble voice stops: Bourdon 16′, Strings 16′, Flute 8′, Diapason 8′, Strings 8′, Trumpet 8′
  • Bass voice stops: Bass Bourdon 16′, bass stop off lower octave plays the treble voices
  • Knobs: On/Off, volume, vibrato speed, vibrato depth
  • Effect Tab: Vibrato On/Off
  • Extended 88 MIDI note range
  • Separate treble/bass MIDI channel
  • Adjustable vibrato speed and depth
  • Adjustable 12-note tuning
  • Vintage tube combo amp, with classic spring reverb, built-in opto tremolo, and cab simulation
  • Velocity-sensitive key contacts attack/release
  • All settings MIDI learnable
  • Wide range of presets
  • Windows and macOS installer (Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS X 10.7 or newer, Intel x86/64 CPU)
  • 32 and 64 bit host/OS support

The General Music Elka Panther plugin is available now for the introduction price of 99€ (regular 149€). A free demo version is available for download on the website.

More information here: General Music

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