U-he Released ZebraHZ 2.8 Update: New GUI, Expanded Modulation Slots & More!

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U-he ZebraHZ 2.8 update is here with a brand-new GUI, expanded modulation slots, new reverb/wave-folder as well as a new feature requested by Hans Zimmer!

It’s no secret: Hans Zimmer is a big fan of the Zebra 2 Synthesizer plugin from U-he. For the movie The Dark Knight, great soundtrack btw, U-he has developed a special version of the Zebra Synthesizer for HZ that has other features (new filters, etc.). This version was also released for everyone under the name the Dark Zebra available only as sound expansion.

With version 2.8, U-he has finally released a new GUI for Zebra Synthesizer. Now this change has happened on the Dark Zebra version of Hans Zimmer also. Beside this, they doubled the number of the modulation matrix slots (24 now) and MSEGs (now 8). It comes also with the new wave folder and plate reverb (NuRev) from the regular Zebra 2.8 update. Another new features and a request from Hans Zimmer was to includes the 8 X/Y sources in the list of modulators. Cool idea for advanced performance controls, indeed! As you can see the ZebraHZ is not just a sound library but also a great feature expansion for Zebra 2.8 Synthesizer.

U-he ZebraHZ


The Dark Zebra arose from a collaboration between Hans Zimmer and Howard Scarr. The soundset contains over 400 presets—nearly all the Zebra sounds found in the The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises soundtracks, and some that did not make it into those films.

New In ZebraHZ 2.8

Apart from a sleek new look and the new searchable preset browser, ZebraHZ version 2.8 has more synthesis “grunt” than the previous version: First, we doubled the number of modulation matrix slots (now 24) and MSEGs (now 8) so you are unlikely to run out of those in a hurry! ZebraHZ also inherits the wave folder modules and the plate reverb (NuRev) from the regular Zebra 2.8. With two fundamentally different reverb units you can not only set up more interesting spaces, but dedicate one of them to e.g. emulating the body of an acoustic guitar.

Finally, the most recent special request from Hans: the 8 X/Y sources now appear in the list of modulators so you can use them as direct performance controls.

First Look At Zebra 2.8 Synthesizer (No ZebraHZ)

The new ZebraHZ 2.8 update is free of charge for existing users of ZebraZH. The Dark Zebra soundset where ZebraHZ is included (Zebra full version required) is available now for 99€.

More information here: U-he 

Available here: U-he Zebra 2.8

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