Behringer’s Eurorack Go Entry-Level Powered Case Is Ready For Pre-Order For 259€

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Behringer Eurorack Go, a new entry-level powered modular Synthesizer case with space for up to 32 modules is available now for pre-order 

Last December Behringer presented the Eurorack Go, a powered Eurorack case with 280HP (2x 140HP) of mounting space with a maximum module depth from 40 mm (1.57”) rear row to 62 mm (2.44”) in 60% of the front row. According to the company, it includes a 3-amp power supply (+12 V @ 3 A, -12 V @ 1 A, and +5 V@ 1 A), ultra-low noise and has auto-switching for international power. You get here a strip of 32 power connectors to plug your modules into.

Today there is news that the case is ready for pre-order.  Thomann has the case in the shop for € 259, but for significantly “more” than I and many others estimated.  So the entry into the modular world is not as cheap as expected but the price is still super low. Plus, it now comes with sliding nuts instead of threaded rails. Many wanted these, but apparently they were not replaced as you can see from the current pictures. If it has changed, please report Behringer.

Behringer Eurorack Go


  • It can accommodate 280HP of Eurorack modules, has an integrated power supply, sliding nuts, foldable legs and a carry handle.
  • Compact 280 HP Eurorack case perfect for synthesizers and other Eurorack-style equipment
  • Rugged and mobile chassis to take your rig anywhere you go
  • 280 HP of mounting space arranged in 2 rows of 140 HP with a maximum module depth from 40 mm (1.57”) rear row to 62 mm (2.44”) in 60% of the front row
  • Over-specified, ultra-low noise power supply provides +12 V @ 3 A, -12 V @ 1 A, and +5 V@ 1 A
  • 32 keyed power connectors protect your valuable modules from reverse power
  • Adjustable and foldable legs allow for 0-and 50-degree setup configurations
  • Easy positioning of your modules with the included 96 sliding nuts
  • High power auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply for worldwide use
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.

Since the price is not that super cheap and the depth of the case can be problematic for some users, you should also look at the alternatives. The Eurorack Go case looks interesting and could be perfect for many musicians. But not only Behringer offers cases with power that are affordable but also others. Here are good alternatives:

Behringer Eurorack Go is available now for pre-order for 259€. Shipping is estimated in 8-9 weeks.

More information here: Behringer 

Available for pre-order at our partner 


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