Loopseque 8 Beat Performer For iPad Is Available Now!

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Causal Underground celebrates the 8th birthday with Loopseque 8 Beat Performer, a major update and new version of the popular Loopseque app for the iPad!

The best-known circle-sequencer beat performer iOS app Loopseque is back. For its 8th anniversary, Casual Underground re-developed the app completely and added a massive amount of new features. Loopseque 8 is the result and features a new sampler engine, new effects, Ableton Link support and more.

Good to see that this app is not forgotten and back in a look with new features in 2018.


Loopseque 8 Beat Performer


Loopseque 8 is a logical evolution of the Loopseque’s idea. Thanks to the modern iPad capabilities, we were able to implement much more effects, more audio channels, improved graphics and many other features, the chief among which is the ability to mix projects as we do it with tracks in DJ’s music apps. 

Loopseque is back with a rounded beat machine, percussion drum sequencer, the ability to change samples, patterns on the run, use effects, filters, etc to easily create a musical atmosphere that you like. You can record sessions, use audio Copy/Paste or AudioBus to work with created audio material outside Loopseque 8 application.

New In Loopseque 8

  • 2 decks allow you to play 2 projects at once, crossfade between the decks, one engine is one temp, all projects are always in sync
  • Ableton Link – synchronize Loopseque 8 with Ableton live or any other device that supports this technology.
  • round sequencer: rotation rate for each pattern, bit slicer for each pattern, modulation, velocity, …
  • new sample editor: ADSR for volume and filter, 8 parameters for modulation, copy/paste sample from other iOS apps, cut, reverse, repitch, filter…
  • reworked effects: beat repeater with variable sample rate conversion during playback, 2 types of delay with the filter, filters, reverb with filter…
  • master bus effects: 8 channel EQ, compressor, limiter
  • projects & samples: use more than 400 samples…

Demo By The Sound Test Room

Loopseque 8 is available now for $9.99 USD from the Apple App Store.

Available here: Loopseque 8 

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