Electrogene, iOS/macOS AUv3 bit-crusher app, free update with new features

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Electrogene is a new intuitive & versatile bit-crusher AUv3 effect processor for iPhone/iPad developed by Georgi Georgiev (Vatanator)!

It’s rare that I update an article from 2018, when I started out. But there is a good reason. Georgi Georgiev, aka Backpullver Software, has updated its Electrogene bit-crusher AUv3 plugin for iOS and macOS. 

An AUv3 plugin that I like to use on iOS for sound design during performances. The latest free update includes some great new features.

Electrogene Backpullver Software

The new update 1.1 adds a new saturation type selectable via a dedicated button. It also comes with a new bypass button for the crusher parameters. A very handy addition. 

Part of the update is also a new ability to change the drift mode type. This causes the audio to vibrate and make it less stable. I’m curious how different the mode is. Backpullver Software also fixed a bug regarding recording preset automation for the lowpass and high-pass filters.

Further, it comes with 10 new presets, performance, and UI improvements. 

Don’t forget that Electrogene is an iOS AUv3 plugin and a macOS Auv3 plugin on Apple Silicon computers. One purchase gives you both versions. But it requires an Apple Silicon computer.

I’m great to see that the developer continues to update the app after six years on the market and even adds features for free. The price remains the same, at $4.99, on the App Store. 


Article From November 6, 2018

Electrogene is a new advanced AUv3 bit-crusher effect processor for iPhone/iPad by the developer of the Vatanator drum machine app. It combines four different effects in one app: bit-crusher, modulation, saturation and filter.



Electrogene is a low fidelity audio effect combining bit-crusher, modulation, saturation and filter with scope visualizer. Refined algorithms can produce warm or harsh sound reminding of retro digital or analog audio system.


  • Modify sample rate and bit resolution
  • Apply drift variance to the bit-crusher sample rate value
  • Add frequency modulation to input signal
  • Low pass or High pass filter
  • Set pre-gain and dry/wet levels
  • Ability to save and randomize parameters
  • Audio Unit Extension, Audiobus, Inter-App Audio support
  • 20 built-in presets
  • Background audio
  • Realtime waveform scope visualizer

Electrogene is available now for $4.99 USD from the Apple App Store.

More information here: Electrogene

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