Joranalogue Intros Morph 4 & Fold 6 Modules At Dutch Modular Fest 2020

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At Dutch Modular Fest 2020, Joranalogue is showing Morph 4, a multi-functional Quad VCA with morphing capabilities and an innovative waveshaper (Fold 6) in just 4HP.

It’s Dutch Modular Fest 2020 but as in times like now, in an online “home” version. New synthesizers and Eurorack modules are also being published here. The Belgian manufacturer Joranalogue, known for clever, sophisticated analog modules, presented two new modules today that are about to hit the market. Morph 4 Dimensional Modulation Array is a highly versatile, configurable quad VCA module that can not only act as a classic voltage control amplifier for signals but also as a VC mixer, dual crossfader, complex waveshaper, and much more.

It’s a fully-featured modulation hub for Eurorack synths that gives you plenty of patching options, not possible with 4 single VCAs. Field 6 is less complex than Morph 4 but also very versatile. It’s a simultaneous series and parallel analog didode-based six-stage wavefolder in just 4HP.

Joranalogue Morph 4

Morph 4 – Dimensional Modulation Array

Morph 4 is the perfect module for everyone who thinks: you can never have enough VCAs in a modular system.  The core of it is based on 4 VCAs but not just ridden together but intelligently designed in a true sound design tool. Taking the basic concept of a multi-VCA module and raising it to the next level. It features four amp modulators that are controlled by a master “morph” parameter. The response of each modulator to this parameter is completely variable, both manually and under voltage control, and can be overridden if desired. Each response is triangular, with the ‘position’ parameter setting the maximum point along the morph axis, while ‘span’ determines the width of the triangle’s base.

Clever, in addition to separate signal inputs and outputs (classic VCAs), it offers a variety of combined outputs is available as well: A+B, C+D, add (unity gain) and averaging mixes, and instantaneous minimum and maximum. Input normalization makes it easy to send the same signal to multiple modulators, while output and modulator response LEDs provide essential visual feedback. This flexibility allows Morph 4 to be used in a variety of ways: VC mixer, dual crossfader, dual panner, interpolating scanner, interpolating distributor, quad VCA, quadraphonic controller, slope modifier, rectifier, complex waveshaper or something in between any of those—the choice is yours.

Joranalogue Fold 6

Fold 6 – Multi-Topology Wavefolder

Fold 6 is a new waveshaper that doesn’t classic series & parallel circuit topologies but it’s the first module that puts forward a 6-stage hybrid series/parallel topology, yielding a greater sonic palette than ever in just 4 HP. This means less limited to specific sounds and capabilities. The module features both main (series) and alternate (parallel) outputs so you have in one single module access to all wave folding tones imaginable. To take things even further, an integrated symmetrical soft clipper limits the output signals to approximately 10 Vpp, keeping the amplitude within typical Eurorack levels and making it easier to create overdriven sounds at high fold ratios.

This clipping stage can be driven continuously using the shape parameter, smoothly transforming the folded waveforms into pulse waves for even more harmonic content. It offers two signal inputs, to mix audio signals or add in a DC voltage for asymmetric folding. The symmetry can also be manually controlled using the dedicated knob. Of course, both fold and shape parameters feature voltage control, to enable continuous timbral modulation. Fold 6 is not just designed as a wavefolder but works also nice for feedback patching, CV folding, or frequency multiplication.

Dutch Modular Fest Stream With Joranalogue Demo

Joranalogue Morph 4 will be available in December 2020, Fold 6 in October 2020. Prices TBA

More information here: Joranalogue 

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