Endorphin.es Announced BLCK_Noir & Grand Terminal Darkwaves Firmware Update & New Teaser For Halloween!

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For Halloween, it’s not just scary but the Endorphin.es BLCK_Noir & Grand Terminal Darkwaves firmware update with many new effects will be available!

Endorphin.es has announced today a firmware update for the BLCK_Noir drum module and Grand Terminal with the name Darkwaves. New in the BLCK_Noir effect section will be a gated reverb, flanger, ring modulator, overdrive as well as a compressor. Also the Grand Terminal will receive for Halloween a nice update with several new effects: new bi-polar low-pass/hi-pass state-variable zero-delay feedback filter and a new deeper chorus effect.

Beside these firmware updates, the company has teased in their new video that there is something even more darker waiting fo you this autumn. If you look at the new video it is noticeable that very briefly the Shuttle System can be seen in complete black. This would certainly be a logical step after the BLCK_Noir is the first black module of the company

Endorphin.es BLCK_Noir & Grand Terminal Darkwaves firmware


BLCK_NOIR is a complex 7 voice analog drum/percussive synthesizer module based around analog discrete CR-68/78 circuits with advanced noise spectrum animation and effect processor. GRAND TERMINAL is a dual filter, dual envelopes and effect processor which together with any VCO (or itself) creates a full synth voice. Now a new bank of effects is available for these two modules it’s called ‘DARKWAVES’. The effects were specifically tuned for drum processing. Following effects are new available:

  • Gated Reverb – to get that typical huge 80s drum sound
  • Flanger – it’s an always useful one
  • Ring Modulator – with interesting feedback feature
  • Overdrive – crank it for your bass drum
  • Compressor – to get that snappy snares

Gated Reverb, Flanger, Ring Modulator, Overdrive and Compressor are brand new effects in this firmware release – Spring Reverb, Ping-Pong Delay and Freezer have been there in the previous version already.

The newly compiled ‘AIRWAYS’ factory effect bank is mostly ambient based and recreates different spaces. It is updated with a new deeper Chorus effect instead of the Freezer of the last BLCK_NOIR/GRAND TERMINAL firmware:

  • Hall Reverb
  • Shimmer Reverb
  • Room Reverb
  • Plate Reverb
  • Spring Reverb
  • Ping-Pong Delay
  • Tape Echo Delay
  • Chorus – deep Chorus with extensional use of feedback

New filter for GRAND TERMINAL: The bi-polar low-pass/hi-pass state-variable zero-delay feedback filter was implemented in BLCK_NOIR and now is available for GRAND TERMINAL at filter position #5 instead of the normal SFV LP. That type of DJ-style filter is usually called ISOLATOR.

IMPORTANT: BLCK_NOIR and GRAND TERMINAL share the same platform for effects and filters, however they require different firmware files to be updated.

The official release will be on 31st of October – an updated manual will be available from that date as well.

More information here: Endorphin.es 

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