Endorphin.es BLCK_Noir Drum Synthesizer Voice Eurorack Module Is Available Now!

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The BLCK_Noir Eurorack module features 7 individual drum voices with additional effects that offers you everything to need to make groovy beats in your rack!

At this year’s Superbooth 2018, the Spanish company Endorphin.es surprised the visitors a bit. They was previously known for her shrill design and gold-coloured faceplates. With the BLCK-Noir, as the name implies, they are going new ways. The BLCK-Noir is the developer’s first black module and is a kind of drum Synthesizer/ machine for the Eurorack format. Take the sound engine of a drum machine, remove the complete sequencer, replace it with CV inputs and build everything into a compact 30 HP/TE module with creative features.

On the feature side, it comes with an hybrid sound generation that features 7 drum voices in the analog kit (bass drum, snare, tambourine…) and a band-limited digital noise with spectrum animation for the extra toping. On top, sounds can be refined with an on-board effect processor that comes with 8 different effects ranging from reverbs (hall, shimmer, spring..), ping-pong delay, tape echo to a freezer that can loop the signal. If you search a module that brings a drum machine in your Eurorack system, the BLCK_Noir could be perfect addition for your setup.


BLCK_NOIR is a complex 7 voice analog drum / percussive Synthesizer module.


  • 30 HP/TE width under a black panel, <3/4“ in depth
  • 7 drum voices in the analog kit: bass drum, snare, tambourine, closed and open hi-hats, metal beat and cymbal
  • hybrid sound generation: band-limited digital noise with spectrum animation, injected into analog circuits
  • full discrete analog generation part, using inductor coils instead of op-amps
  • on-board effect processor with drum-oriented 8 effects with additional auxiliary input and firmware update over audio
  • drums that have character: fit all styles of music – specifically tuned for darkwave and techno
  • separate analog outputs and isolator-style resonance filter for main mix outputs

Sound Demo By Andrew Huang

Endorphines BLCK_Noir is available now from any official retailer for 499€.

More information here: Endorphin.es 

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