Erica Synths Dual FX Eurorack Module Is Now Available!

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Erica Synths Dual FX Eurorack module offers 8 different CV controllable effect processors (reverb, delay…) in a small and affordable module!

Good news coming from Erica Synths. Their new Dual FX Eurorack module that was announced at Superbooth 2018 is available now. It features a dual effects engine with in total 8 different effect processors. It offers also CV control over the parameters.

Erica Synths Dual FX Eurorack Module


To add some space to your compositions and nuances in sound design Erica Synths Dual FX module brings you two identical sections of 8 custom effects with two adjustable and CV controllable parameters.

Dual FX combines two Spin FV-1 chips in one module, each filled with eight custom effect programs with two adjustable and CV controlled parameters per effect and analogue dry/wet circuit. All parameter settings can be saved with the effect and recalled instantly during the performance. Also the output of the first FX section is normalised to the second input so creating huge layers of effects is easy. 

Erica Synths Dual FX Includes

  • Mono delay
  • Stereo delay
  • Hi-pass delay
  • Big reverb
  • Saturated reverb
  • Stalker reverb
  • Ripper
  • Dual pitch shifter

Erica Synths Dual FX is available now for 250€ (VAT ex.) in a black or white faceplate from any Eurorack retailer.

More information here: Erica Synths

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