Wusik One Is A New Sampler Plugin With An Easy-To-Use Interface!

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Wusik One is a new straightforward designed sampler plugin for PC & Mac that is based on the engines of Wusik 8008 and Wusik Station V9!

Wusik Software is back with a new plugin. Wusik One is a new sampler plugin that should be one: easy-to-use without being overcrowded with features. The result is an engine that is based on two good known plugins: Wusik 8008 and Wusik Station V9. It features a sample playback engine that allows you to load SFZ, WAV… and to manipulate them further with granular and wavetable synthesis. The engine also supports multi-layer, round-rob and key-switching.

All this powered by a simple ADSR envelope and a multi-mode filter. To refine the sounds, it comes also with additional stereo delay and reverb effects. If you purchase Wusik One, you will also a 6 GB sound library that includes a wide range of sounds.


  • Engine based on Wusik 8008 & Wusik Station V9
  • Supports SFZ, WAV, WusikSND
  • Simple Amplitude ADSR Envelope.
  • Multi-Mode Filter (the same found in Wusik Station).
  • Complex Sample Playback engine with: Granular and Wavetable Synthesis. Dual Mode (2 x OSC). Multi-Layer support with Round-Robin and Key-Switching. Sample Zone Editor and Key Zone Editor.
  • Stereo Delay and Studio Reverb.
  • 6GB of sound content

Wusik One is available now for PC & Mac (VST/VST3/AU) for $29.95 USD.

More information here: Wusik Software

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