New Roland Poly Synthesizer Based On The Studio Electronics CODE8? (Rumour)

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Has Studio Electronics admitted today that a new Roland polyphonic Synthesizer based on the CODE8 is coming onto the market?

One thing is important here: it’s a rumour picked up by great blog. Studio Electronics today posted a photo of the CODE/Omega 8 Synthesizer on its Instagram page. Then a user has written that he wishes that this synth is available for many musicians such as the Boutique SE-02. Then the company replies that the rumours can really come true.

What Is The CODE8/ Omega 8 Synthesizer?

The Omega 8 is a 8-voice analog Synthesizer that features

  • 2 analog oscillators (VCOs)
  • 1 sub-oscillator
  • oscillator sync
  • two analog VCF (12dB & 24dB) Moog & Oberheim style filter
  • additional 303 and ARP 2600 filter circuits are available
  • 3 LFO’s with classic wave shapes
  • 3 multi-stage VCA envelope with classic ADSR type controls
  • arpeggiator
  • MIDI sync
  • glide/portamento

Studio Electronics Posted The Following On Instagram:

“studioelectronicsThrough-hole SE style. Current #CODE8 Black #omega8 build in the shop… Dreamy #Rackmount #Analog sounds, after a good Greg St. Regis directed calibration or two, and burn in, of course. #studioelectronics #synthesizer #polyphonic”

  • vincewizz: Please bring it to a wider audience like you did for the SE02
  • studioelectronics: @vincewizz There’s a pretty good rumor that that’s happening.

My Thoughts About These Rumours

It would be certainly be another logical step in the collaboration between the Japanese company Roland and Studio Electronics from the US. After the SE-02 was a great success, it would be illogical that both end the collaboration.

These news are rumours and  I don’t have information about features, price or availability.

Instagram: Studio Electronics

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