How I Composed The Windows 10 Calendar Alert On “An Apple Computer”!

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In the latest Microsoft marketing video about Windows 10 on YouTube, a producer is not working on their own operating system but with an Apple system and Logic Pro X!

In today’s marketing campaigns social media posts as well as glossy videos on YouTube is a must. How this can be done badly, Microsoft shows in one of the last videos. The company shows in the video how the ringtone/jingle for the calendar app in Windows 10 was composed. Before you look at the video, it’s assumed that the composer is a regular Windows user and use it also here.

Wrong! In the video, the Microsoft sound designer Matthew Bennett use Logic Pro X on a Apple system. Here, however the marketing team changed the composer’s screen and removed the Apple Dock but it’s clearly to see that he use Logic Pro X.

As a macOS user, I laughed loud when I saw this marketing campaign fail. Non musicians which little to do with music tech will not notice it, but those in the industry will see ti directly. There is also a white dongle from Apple on the desk on the right side that speaks for a macOS system.

Dear Microsoft, if you do such videos, then you should be careful that everything is correct otherwise it’s a fail!

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