IK Multimedia Launched UNO Synth Editor For PC, Mac & iOS – First Look!

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IK Multimedia has opened today the complete UNO Synth analog engine to every user with the new editor for PC, Mac & iOS!

It took a while but now the official editor of the IK Multimedia UNO Synth analog Synthesizer is available for download. The new editor gives you full access to all parameters of the synth including PWM, full ADSR’s, modulation wheel assignments, velocity control and more. One of the big plus point is the integration of the Uno Synth into your DAW workflow with the plugin version. It offers full MIDI In/Out support over the parameters that enables DAW automations.

The editor gives you also a quick way to create and save new sounds. Beside the standalone and plugin version, the company has also released a iOS version with the same feature set for mobile musicians. For me personal, a good and important addition to the UNO Synth. One thing I miss here a lot. The editor doesn’t support the sequencer and doesn’t offer you a way to access the sequences and parameter automations. Hopefully in future!

August 30, 2018 – IK Multimedia has released a dedicated software editor for its first hardware synth, the true analog UNO Synth. Designed to offer deep control, the editor provides easy access to all parameters and provides advanced music making capabilities beyond the UNO Synth’s compact front panel, with convenient support for Mac/PC and iOS devices

Beyond traditional software editors, the UNO Synth editor offers the ability to function both as a standalone application (Mac/PC/iOS) and an integrated DAW plug-in with total recall (Mac/PC), for use in the studio, live performance or on-the-go music creation.

It provides seamless integration and control of every parameter, and allows for easy customization of presets and for preference editing.

Here is my first look video on the new UNO Synth editor! 

More UNO Synth sounds? Check out my latest sound demo video! 

The UNO Synth editor is available now for free for PC & Mac (Plugin & Standalone) and as iOS app.

More information here: IK Multimedia 

Available here: IK Multimedia UNO Synth 

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