Synthmaster 2.9.9, Modulation Power Boost, Better Preset Browser & More

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Synthmaster 2.9.9, free update with a power boost for the modulation system with visualizations, more mods per layer, better presets browser & more. 

Synthmaster is one of the best Synthesizer plugins available. Above all, it scores with a very good price-performance ratio. It has multiple synthesis forms, many filter types, and modulations, as well as many professionally designed presets with which you can start working right away. If a Serum or Massive X is not enough, Synthmaster with its big feature set could be a perfect, affordable alternative.

Synthmaster 2.9.9 is out now and clears the way to SynthMaster 3. According to the developers, they have re-engineered the internal framework their effects for the SynthMaster 3 development. But don’t panic, people who already own or are just buying SM2 can upgrade to SM3 for $ 29, once it’s out. Absolutely fair in my opinion. SM 2.9.9 is a free update that expands again the feature set, introduces improvements and bug fixes.

Synthmaster 2.9.9

SynthMaster 2.9.9

In version 2.9.9, Synthmaster is nicer and more modern. Satyatunes created a new lovely dark skin and updated the existing Tranquil Blue skin as well. There are also new extended versions with two new tabs with pitch/mod wheels, piano keyboard, MIDI modulation sources, EZ knobs, and XY pads. The skins are now easily resizable via the triangle arrows at the bottom right corner of the plugin interface. Each skin comes with the following sizes: 100%, 120%, 140%, 160%, 180% and 200%.

Also, the workflow got a big update. Synthmaster 2.9.9 now ships with real-time visualizations for the modulation sources and targets. That was definitely missing. The modulation sources and targets are now easier to reach and are located right under the synth/fx modules. This speeds up the sound design workflow.

Synthmaster 2.9.9

Microtuning, MIDI Learn, More Modulation Power…

Then, it comes with better support for micro tuning including 300+ scales ranging from 5 note to 12 note, in equal or alternate temperaments. You can now set root note of the scale globally what is also very handy. MIDI learn got an update as well and now works for all controls, including discrete and modulation matrix controls. Synthmaster 2.9.9 also introduces dynamic effect allocations. This means insert effects can now be instantiated multiple times on multiple insert FX slots. As a comparison, prior versions of SynthMaster only allowed a fixed number of effects per instance (1 Delay, 1 Chorus, and 1 Reverb for instance).

The modulation sources got a power boost. Each layer in SM now has 4 ADSR envelopes, 4 multisegment envelopes, 4 LFOs, 4 sequencers, 4 keyscalers, and 2 2D envelopes.

Other New Features

Further, you can find:

  • preset browser improvements (instrument categories are now listed based on Native Instruments NKS standard, preset upload, and download from the public user library in the cloud…)
  • waveform/sample import improvements (it now differentiates between waveforms, wavetables, or samples in a much better way…)
  • SynthMaster now supports MIDI input by pressing keys on computer QWERT keyboard
  • MPE mode: SynthMaster now conforms to MPE standard much better: Each preset now has a MIDI Channel parameter, which can be set globally as well.

Synthmaster 2.9.9 mod

Last but not least, the new version also fixes many bugs.

KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2.9.9 is a free update for existing customers. Synthmaster is available now with discounts up to 50% OFF until January 4, 2021.

More information here: KV331 Audio

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