R.I.P Chris Huggett, The Maker Of The EDP WASP & Other Iconic Hybrid Synthesizers

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Chris Huggett, known for the legendary WASP or OSCar synthesizers but also for the new hybrid Novation synths, has passed away. R.I.P Chris.

The sad news reached me from England that the well-known Synthesizer engineer and designer Chris Huggett has passed away. Chris has been involved in numerous Synthesizer projects and will definitely get a place in the legendary developer halls (Bob Moog, Don Buchla…).

Chris Huggett’s most famous development was probably the WASP Synthesizer from 1978. Not only was he the founding member of the EDP (Electronic Dream Plant) company, he was also the designer of the WASP, the iconic hybrid Synthesizer that Behringer recently cloned. Back then, the Wasp was an extraordinary synth that uses a hybrid digital VCO and analog VCF design paired with a unique contact keyboard. Plus it was significantly cheaper than any other Synthesizer available at the time.

R.I.P chris Huggett

More Developments

The WASP was the stone that started everything. In 1983, he released the legendary OSCar Hybrid Synthesizer. What only few people know, however, is that he also was part of the development of the AKAI S1000 and AKAI S3000 firmware. Later he became known the most as one of the main creators of many Novation products.

This includes the Bass Station, Bass Station 2, Supernova II, Ultranova, Mininova, or the Remote MIDI keyboard controller series. At the end of his life, he showed everyone his expertise again with the development of the Novation Peak and Summit polyphonic synthesizers. Both designs prove Chris’s passion for hybrid designs once again.

I express my deepest condolences to loved ones, friends, business partners, and relatives. With Chris Huggett, an extremely innovative inventor in the synthesizer industry is leaving. His inventions will delight us for many years to come.

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  1. Sad news. I met Chris in 1984 when I bought an OSCar directly from him. He gave me a demo lasting some time and his enthusiasm came across so clearly. That he spent time with me,an idiot teenager, when he was clearly a very busy man speaks volumes. He’ll be much missed.

  2. I have an OSCar saga myself…what a beast (when it’s working). You can tell he really was from another world with his designs. Glad his work reached a younger generation with his newer products. He’ll be missed.

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