Tonsturm Released TRAVELER – A Plugin That Lets You Design Complex Sound Motions!

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TRAVELER plugin by Tonsturm models the acoustic phenomenon of the Doppler effect and immerse your tracks in new sound dimensions and motions!

The german sound design team of Tonsturm created recently an innovative effect processor plugin that opens new sound worlds. TRAVELER is a new plugin for PC & Mac that models precisely the best-known acoustic phenomenon of the Doppler effect. To visualise this, it features a graphical path editor where users can determine the virtual movement. of the sound.

To make it more interesting it features beside a clean loop sample playback also an advanced synchronised granular sample engine. The toping are 5 post effects (delay, distortion…) and 4 assignable multi-segment LFO’s. All the modulation can be synced to the doppler path and allows you create crazy sounds in motion.


TRAVELER precisely models the acoustic phenomenon of the Doppler effect, with a powerful and intuitive graphical path editor to determine a sound’s virtual movement. A common example of Doppler shift is the change of pitch heard when a vehicle sounding a horn approaches and recedes from an observer. 

It features a fully fledged 2D path editor allowing you to precisely shape the motion path of the sound source. Further it is possible to freely position the listener in relation to the path. Offers intuitive control over the speed of the sound source, path length and the overall doppler path duration.TRAVELER also comes with an onboard loop and granular sample player. The granular sample player allows synchronized playback to the doppler path. This makes it possible to playback the desired sound effect at different durations while remaining everything in perfect sync. 

After being processed by the doppler effect engine TRAVELER features a powerful post effects section. Both, the parameters of the post effect engine and the parameters of the granular sample player, can modulated by the 4 individual multisegment LFO´s that run in sync with the Doppler path duration. 
The Manual mode allows you to manually perform the powerful TRAVELER engine in realtime.


  • Painstakingly modeled and physically accurateHighly accurate modeling of doppler shift, distance based gain and air absorption filtering. Full 64-bit processing precision.
  • Graphical 2D motion path editorVery detailed editing of virtual movement. Freely position the listener in relation to the path.
  • Powerful sample playback engineFeatures clean & pure loop sample playback and advanced synchronized granular sample playback.
  • Designed to fit all thinkable scenariosWorks as live insert effect and offers enhanced Audio Suite functionality. Drag & Drop or live record your own sounds. Precisely synchronize the doppler path in timecode, seconds or bars & beats mode.
  • Advanced post effects and modulation possibilitiesComes with 5 post effects and 4 freely assignable multisegment LFOs. Synchronize your modulations in sync to the doppler path.
  • Comes with sound effects and presetsComes with over 80 presets and samples serving as ideal starting point to explore the vast creative potential of TRAVELER.

Tonsturm TRAVELER is now available for PC & Mac (VST/AU/AAX) for an introduction price of $179 USD ($229 USD normally). A 7 days free trial version is available as a free download on the website.

More information here: Tonsturm 

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