Mode Machines SEQ12 Is A Multi-Channel Analog & MIDI Step Sequencer!

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The SEQ12 by Mode Machines is now available and is a rack-mountable multi-channel analog & MIDI step sequencer with in total 3 MIDI outputs for external instruments!

The german developer Mode Machines has announced today the official release of the SEQ12 multi-channel MDI step sequencer. It’s a rack-mountable sequencer with 12 independent tracks with 2-3 controller tracks. Users can choose between three different track types: mono, chord and drum. With 32 memory slots, users can save their tracks in the device and work with it on stage.


SEQ12 is a MIDI Matrix Sequencer (in a console housing) and offers one MIDI Input and three MIDI Outputs. It gives access to 12 tracks and you are able to choose between three track types: drum, chord and monophone. Each track has 2 or 3 controller tracks, routing on midi outputs and midi channel adjustable. Also each track has 16 patterns, these can be played in freely programmable sequences one behind the other. Each pattern has its own shuffle pattern, 2 to 3 controller tracks and additional ratchet modes with programmable pitch and trigger patterns.

The product can record Midi notes and controller values via Midi In and the data can be edited using the LED buttons. There are 32 memory slots in the device and it has a very stable and accurate timing.

3 Track Types

  • Type monophonic sends note, velocity, note length, controller 1,2,3
  • Type chord sends note, velocity, note length, controller 1,2, chord
  • Type drum sends to 12 subtracks freely definable notes with adjustable velocity, accented notes, controller 1.2

Each sequence has a freely adjustable shuffle pattern and clock divider. This also triplets, etc. are possible for each sequence, the nonlinear mode can be activated with different multiple trigger patterns and clock dividers per step. Shortest possible grade: 1/32. Automatic smoothing of controller values can be activated. Free choice of midi channel and exit per track.

Song Mode

Each track can play their sequences in a given order (Chain). There are 8 parts (stanza, chorus, bridge etc) with 12 tracks each for the tracks.


  • 19 inches and 6 HE.
  • Left: Function keys.
  • Middle: Key matrix for data viewing and entry.
  • Right: display with control pad and mode selection buttons (SEQ, JAM, SONG) and play buttons (START, PLAY / STOP, RECORD).
  • The modes and views can be switched independently of the play mode.

Mode Machines SEQ12 sequencer is available now for the introduction price of 999€ (inc. VAT).

More information here: Mode Machines 

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