Denise Platform Realizes Your Plugin Ideas & Saturator Plugin Released!

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Denise is a new company in which different actors (producers, coders, writers) bundle their strengths together and develop audio plugins with the idea: from musicians to musicians.

There are many plugin manufacturers in the music world. A new young company from Berlin tries to be a kind of plugin manufacturer with a new different approach. Denise is the name of the company and strongly integrates its customers into new plugin products. Actually, customers can interactively participate in a contest on the website where they can design their own plugin idea. The winner wins no money here but Denise takes the idea, transform it to an official plugin and will launch it as commercial release.

Beside the interactive contest, Denise has also announce the official release of their first plugin for PC & Mac. Denise Saturator is a new powerful saturation plugin that add colour and depth to your tracks. It offers a straightforward designed interface and is super light on CPU.

Who Is Denise?

Denise is a brand new Berlin based plug-in platform born out of a passion and aim to bring a fresh approach to the way digital music is produced. Started by four producers and tech enthusiasts who challenged themselves to create a series of simple-to-use, powerful and great sounding plug-ins. They announced their upcoming launch with a competition to work with producers who have ideas for plug-ins, but don’t have the resources to build them themselves. This has inspired the team to create a contest and give producers a chance to make their plug-in idea a reality.

Denise will choose a winner and build a custom plug-in with them to launch alongside their current range. Musicians can submit also submit own ideas with an interactive form on the website: insert knobs and dials, draw sliders and describe it with text. How does it sound? What is it called? What gave you the idea for this plug-in? All ideas are welcomed and absolute creativity is encouraged.

First Plugin Release: Denise Saturator

Most saturation plug-ins will destroy your transients as well as the sound. The Denise saturator gives you complete control with extreme distortion to smooth tape style saturation.


The Denise Saturator is a lightweight but powerful saturation plug-in for adding colour and depth to individual tracks and bus-groups. Its deceptively straightforward interface gets you results fasts, but don’t be fooled: the plug-in features continuous ‘transients’ and ‘smooth’ controls that provide you with a flexible and intuitive way to let through the transients in your track and emulate the pleasing smooth sound of tape hysteresis. Together with its different timbre styles, and auto-makeup and stereo-link options, the Denise Saturator gives you many ways to shape your sound, with minimal CPU load.

Denise Saturator (VST/VST3/AU) is available now exclusively from the Denise website priced at 19 EUR. A free trial version is also available.

More information here: Denise

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