Sugar Bytes Turnado For iOS Is Now AUv3 Compatible But Loses Support For Audiobus/Inter-App Audio

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Sugar Bytes breaks new ground with its iOS app Turnado using only AUv3 and no longer the technologies Audiobus & Inter-App Audio

It took a while, but it finally continues. Sugar Bytes takes a logical step in their iOS apps. The new update for the Turnado effect processor app brings AUv3 support but lose at the same time support for Audiobus & Inter-App Audio. The developers justify this step that AUv3 is the future for iOS apps. I understand this step quite well because the developers have fewer problems updating their apps. If an iOS app has more connection technologies, a developer runs the risk of getting more bugs inside the apps. So the effort is greater to fix these again and again. This cost also a lot of money & time.

But as many musicians continue to use these two technologies, I find the step good but too fast. I prefer to have apps with all three major connection options inside. At a later day, they could still change this. Nonetheless, Sugar Bytes goes the right direction for their iOS apps!


Turnado is a revolutionary multi-effect tool, crafted especially for massive real-time audio manipulation. It combines unique and dynamic effects with the most intuitive and immediate control you can imagine. Just turn it on and crank it up.

Take it to the stage and unleash Turnado’s true power. With instant access to eight effects and immediate control over key parameters, Turnado is guaranteed to cause devastation on the dance floor, shredding beats and crunking breaks to insane proportions. 

New In Turnado V.1.5

••• Audio Unit v3 ••• (Attention: Please be aware that with this update already existing Inter-App Audio and Audiobus sessions won’t work anymore!) 

We decided to drop native Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support and focus on what we think is the future for iOS.

Thanks to AUv3 you now have a plugin interface that offers you the most features currently available.
No longer switch between apps or rely on work-around solutions with extra steps and messy MIDI problems.
Simply run Turnado within your favourite iOS DAW just like you would on desktop.
Go wild running multiple instances, record parameter changes in real time and automatically save/restore Turnado’s state within the host app.

••• iCloud Drive •••
Through iCloud, you’ll be able to share your saved presets across multiple devices including your desktop computer.

Sugar Bytes Turnado & Modular Synthesizer

Available here: Sugar Bytes Turnado 

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