Anckorage’s New Z-DSP Cartridge Marianna Trench Is Based On Feedback Delay Networks

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Mariana Trench, a new cartridge for the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Eurorack module is a powerful delay effect processor based on feedback delay network.

Christophe Duquesne (Anckorage) announced today a new cartridge for the Z-DSP Eurorack module. After having already developed a card with granular (Grain de Folie) and physical modelling effects (Spring Wave), he is now experimenting with delays.

Mariana Trench is a new complex delay effect processor that is based on feedback delay networks (FDN). With this it’s possible to create a wide range of sounds ranging from classic delays to experimental delay lines.


Mariana Trench is my latest FDN based cartridge for TipTop Audio Z-DSP. It is a FDN card for the Z-DSP. Feedback Delay Networks (FDNs) are built around multiple delays which are connected to their inputs thanks to a feedback matrix designed for its stability and lossless properties. FDN can mimic the recursive process of sound waves bouncing back and forth in an acoustic space.

They were first suggested for artificial reverberation by Michael Gerzon (1971) and later John Stautner and Miller Puckette (1982) introduced four-channel FDN reverberator with general stability conditions. FDN can also be used as a special case of digital waveguides, they can be tuned, or also used as complex delays. The Mariana Trench Z-DSP cartridge is designed to explore these more unusual sides of the FDN algorithms

Sound Demo

The Marina Trench card by Anckorage is now available for pre-order for $75 USD.

More information here: Anckorage

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