Hora Music’s New Modulation & VCO-VCF-VCA Synthesis Modules For VCV Rack Are Now Available !

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Hora Music expanded their product lineup for the VCV Rack modular software Synthesizer and released new modulation and VCO-VCF-VCA modules.

The VCV Rack market grows and grows. Not only free modules but also more and more commercial products appear. Today, the company launched two new bundles which are dedicated to modulation and one to VCO-VCF-VCA.


Pure VCO is a voltage control oscillator that generates complex waveforms. The core’s wave can be morph from sine to tri and then is folded in a specific way to give harmonics without generating shaped edges in the folded waveform. A switch allows to use another type of folding that create imbalanced folding: folding that creates different amplitude in the resulting ripples. This creates different rich harmonics in a way that avoids aliasing. The module can also be used as an audio effect (voltage controlled wave folder) that can give harmonics or distort the signal in a very specific way.

Timbre is a 4 modes VCF that is inspired by experiences relative to hardware filters designs and by analysis, copy and modification of OTA VCFs. It is not based on the same filter algorithm as the VCV modules and is develop with vult (trans-compiler for high performance DSP developed by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz). This filter algorithm offers non linearity into the gain structure of the filter and offers a particular resonance. The resonance can also be “overloaded”, this stub out resonance and give particular warm bass sound in low pass mode.

The filter offers send and return in/out that bypasses the internal feedback loop and allows to modify it with sound effects or VCA to get voltage controlled resonance. Another particular feature of this filter is the accent input that can be used for XoX bassline sequences.

Amplitude is made of two VCAs that offer voltage controlled attenuation-inversion (called strength). The two VCAs outputs and an aux input are sent to a mixer (the aux input has a dedicated attenuator).

It also includes a LED quadrant on each VCA:

  • Vertical position represents phase and amplitude of the incoming signal.
  • Horizontal position represents phase and amplitude of the control signal (strength).

Like on the “Timbre VCF” there is an accent input for x0x style sequences. This module is more than a VCA and can be used as a mixer, attenuator, inverter, VC polarizer, etc.


It offers a dual complex envelope generator + a delay (for trigger and gate signals) with looping, level control, comp out, etc

Hora Music VCO-VCA-VCF is now available for $24 USD and Modulation $18 USD from the official VCV Rack store.

Available here: Hora Music

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