Mikron Reverb By 112dB Is A New Plugin With A Warm & Lush Sound Character

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Mikron Reverb’s sound character is warm, lush (inspired by Lexicon reverb processor) and can create extremely long reverb times perfectly for ambient sounds!

112dB has released recently another new effect processor in their new range of plugins. Mikron Reverb is a new stompbox inspired reverb effect processor. It has a very lush and warm sound that fits perfectly in ambient sounds. The developers guarantee a good workflow with an easy-to-use interface that includes only few intuitive knobs.

The company also updated its Mikron Cascade and Mikron Delay with NKS-support, allowing direct control of the plugin parameters from Native Instrument’s hardware and software.


In Mikron Reverb the majority of the parameters of Redline Reverb are hidden behind just a few intuitive knobs. It incorporates an intelligent algorithm that determines the ideal settings for those parameters for a wide variety of room characteristics. The idea behind it: when you dial in a certain kind of reverb you will usually not be interested in the reverberations of all possible rooms and positions in those rooms, but only those that will give you a superb or interesting sound. It’s those great sounding reverberations that we tried to capture in our algorithm.

What does this mean in practice? Controlling multiple parameters with one knob saves a lot of unnecessary tweaking. Whatever knob you turn, the reverberation keeps sounding great, just different. And that means you can focus on what is really important, your music, instead of technical details. With Mikron Reverb you can beam your music into the right atmosphere in a heartbeat.


  • With a very few knobs you can create many different spaces.
  • Sound keeps evolving in a musically pleasing way.
  • Tonality remains intact overtime.
  • Extremely long reverb times (which makes it an excellent reverb for ambient sounds).
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface.
  • Low CPU.
  • NKS support.

Mikron Reverb is now available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX), priced at $39 USD/35 EUR. An introductory price of $29 USD/26 EUR is valid until July 31th, 2018.

More information here: 112dB

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