The 112dB Mikron Cascade Plugin Is A Perfect Tool For Atmospheric Sound Design

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112dB, known for their Cascade Synthesizer and Morgana sampler plugin, goes in the recent months new ways. After their instrument releases, they introduced recently some interesting new effects. The latest product is Mikron Cascade, a new effect plugin that allows you to create very quickly atmospheric soundscapes and textures. The plugin allows you to densify the signal up to 5832 times and create so very interesting deep sounds. An additional advanced delay and a cool freeze function opens than finally the world of textures and soundscapes completely.


Mikron Cascade is the perfect tool to create atmospheric, ambient and drone soundscapes. It diffuses any sound input into a lively, lush, warm ‘sound cloud’. The fine-tuned delay models are specifically designed to create organic cinematic atmospheres. A little detuning of the source material can build up interesting tensions. Play around with the density setting to go from distinct reflections to colored noise. Or freeze the input to build up resonating sounds.

Mikron Cascade has been originally developed as a sound effect for the Cascade synthesizer. Thanks to its complex delay network a sound run through Mikron Cascade can develop over time, adding extra dimensions to it. Which makes it the ideal plugin for those who are looking for a high quality ambient reverb, but one with far more complexity in it than usual.

  •       can densify any signal up to 5832 times, and turn a succession of sounds into colored noise
  •       the carefully designed delay network will add a pleasant complexity to the sound over time
  •       6 different delay network models (fine-tuned and adapted to hearing)
  •       freeze shortcut to build up ambient sound spheres easily
  •       spin function for a subtle pitch modulation that adds movement to the delays
  •       tone function to zoom in on certain frequencies in the feedback loop
  •       intuitive, easy to use interface

112dB Mikron Cascade plugin is now available for a special introduction price of $29 USD until 15 of January 2018 (regular $39 USD).

More information here: Mikron Cascade 

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