Befaco Lets You Upgrade Your Eurorack Modules To A New Version

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An advantage of music software is that you can upgrade very easily to a new version. This gives you new features and optimisations. For hardware, it often looks different. Often, hardware manufacturers provide firmware updates that include new features, but major changes are not possible here.

Befaco from Barcelona has now introduced an upgrade plan which allows to upgrade the hardware of existing Eurorack modules. The process is super easy: you need to purchase a specific item in the online shop, and send back the module. Once they receive your module, Befaco will create an order with the selected module/kit. The advantage of this upgrade is that existing users get a 50% OFF discount on the new module.

In my opinion, a nice gesture of the company to their customers. So they reward the first customers with new hardware at a preferential price.

How It Works!

Did you got one of the first versions of one of our modules? Were you one of the brave ones that built a beta version during one of our workshops? Did your favorite Befaco module got an upgrade? If yes is the answer then Upgrade plan is for you! Send us your module and you will be able to purchase latest version at half the price!

  • 1 – Create an user in our shop and Purchase this item.
  • 2 -Send your module to:
Centro de producción artística (Befaco)
C/Emilia Coranty, 8-16
08018 Barcelona (Spain)
Please use Returned goods if you are sending from outside EU. Its a bit painful when customs try to charge taxes as it were a new item.
  • 3- Once we receive the module, we will create an order with the selected module/kit at 50% discount.
  • 4- Checkout the order and we will be sending the module/kit your way!

There are some simple rules to apply to this service:

* Only applicable for fully built modules in working condition or that ever worked before.

* You can choose either assembled or kit module for your purchase.

* Only applicable for a newer version of the same module or similar feature. For example, you cannot get a rampage if you send us a VCO v2. But you can get a Hex VCA sending over a valve VCA. Drop us a mail to to check in advance.

More information here: Befaco 

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