SCW Editor Is A Free Single Cycle Waveforms Creation Tool For Your Browser

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There are many Synthesizers (hardware & software) that are a bit limited in oscillators. Often they only have a few waveforms (sawtooth, triangle, …) But there are also Synthesizers that have oscillators where you can exchange waveforms or wavetables. Talking about such waveforms, they are called single-cycle waveforms.Websites such as have long been offering a collection of 4300 single cycle waveform samples as a free download. But there are many people who like to go into matter and design their own waveforms.

SCW Editor A Free Waveform Creation Tool For Your Browser

SCW Editor per example is a new free editor that allows you to design own waveforms very easy. The best feature of this editor is not the technology but the fact that you don’t need to install another software on your computer. SCW Editor operates directly inside your Chrome browser and once done, you can download it to your hard drive.

You can use this editor to create waveforms through warping, distortion, wavemixing and waveskewing. Explore the menus to see the editing, rendering and sample formatting options available.

Import In Hardware & Software Instruments

These new waveforms can then be easily imported into various hardware and software Synthesizers or samplers. Perfect for the Serum Synthesizer or for the new Erica Synths Graphic VCO Eurorack module. In no time, you can breathe new life into your electronic instrument.

Hands-On Demo

Check out the hands-on demo video where you get a nice overview of the features of the editor.

More information here: SCW Editor 

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  1. This is yet another cool piece of software made redundant by the humble yet powerful Renoise DAW. The sampler/synth in that DAW makes drawing single cycle oscillators SO EASY, and it’s core to the way the sampler works so you’re not learning yet another rando skill.

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