U & I Software Published MetaSynth 6 – An Application That Makes It Possible To Turn Pictures Into Sounds

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Anyone who works as a sound designer today probably knows MetaSynth from U & I Software. This is mainly known for its innovative image and spectrum synth. With the first one, you can transform any photo into complex sounds.  After the principle: paint your desired sound. Additional synthesis methods expand the possibilities of this engine and gives yon endless sound design options here. Even so complex but interesting is the Spectrum Synth which is also included in MetaSynth. It analyses sounds and creates events that captures the original’s harmonics which you can manipulate further.

Since I really like such software products, I was pleased when the news came that MetaSynth 6 was released. Highlights are: the graphic engine has been expanded, the spectrum synth resolution is now bigger, improved workflow of the Montage Room, new effects and compatibility for Sierra/High Sierra. Also in version 6 MetaSynth is still only available for macOS systems. No Windows 10 version yet announced or planed.

MetaSynth is an award-winning electronic music and sound design studio for OS X. Its six “rooms”provide six unique environments for creating and manipulating sound. There is much more to MetaSynth than creating sound from pictures.

The six rooms are: 

  • Image Synth
  • Image Filter
  • Spectrum Synth
  • Effects
  • Sequencer
  • Montage

New In MetaSynth 6
  • Sierra/High Sierra compatibility
  • Updated Quartz/Core Graphics engine
  • Larger Image Synth/Filter canvas options
  • Increased Spectrum Synth resolution
  • Montage Room: improved workflow with dynamic sound library
  • Improved Image Synth instrument and Montage Room track effects
  • Sample Editor: New Generate Menu waveforms
  • Increased number of items available in the quick-access menus in all rooms
  • All Rooms: new Render icon/popup that consolidates all render options for that room
  • Effects: expanded VFT filter with multiple modes
  • Image Synth/Image Filter: max canvas width increased to 4096
  • Spectrum Synth: maximum regions increased to 128 from 64
  • Spectrum Synth: improved time resolution for improved resynthesis

MetaSynth 6 is now available for an introduction price of $199 USD on the official UI Software website.

More information here: MetaSynth 6 

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