ELTA Music Announced POLIVOKS PM-02 Semi-Modular Analog Desktop & Eurorack Synthesizer

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After the new Behringer teasers, there is also news of a small boutique company from Russia. ELTA Music has today announced the POLIVOKS PM-02, a new semi-modular analog Synthesizer. The PM-02 is based on the POLIVOK Mini and comes as a desktop unit and Eurorack voice module on the market.

The synth features the iconic sound of vintage POLIVOKS synths and includes 1VCO, 1 sub-OSC, mixer, filter, envelope, LFO and more.


According to ELTA Music, the new POLIVOKS PM-02 is based on the POLIVOKS mini version but offers additional I/O connectivity for modular synths.



  • 1 VCO with triangle, saw, and square
  • pulse width of square wave VCO or pulse width modulation via LFO, depending on the PW/PWM switch. PW/PWM – Pulse width modulation mode. Manual «PW» or by LFO «PWM
  • Sub-VCO octave/waveform switch: -1 octave square / -2 octaves square / -2 octaves pulse
  • Mixer: Oscillator, Sub-oscillator, noise, and audio input
  • Filter: BP/LP with cutoff and resonance, controllable with an envelope and LFO
  • Envelope: ADSR envelope with a normal and autogeneration mode
  • VCA: ADSR envelope with modulation or gate mode
  • LFO: triangle in the center and tilt waveform left and right & LFO speed amount
  • Inputs: v/oct, gate, pwm, pitch cv with amount control, VCA CV, cutoff CV with amount control, and external audio
  • Outputs: LFO waveforms, envelope, noise, VCO (triangle, saw, and square individual outs), sub-oscillator and audio output.
  • glide, tune, and modulation
  • Eurorack compatibility

More information of the ELTA Music PM-02 semi-modular analog Synthesizer will follow soon.

Availability and Price: TBA 

More information here: ELTA Music 

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