Error Tron, Pocket-Sized Analog Synthesizer & Noise Making Box For Crazy Sounds

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Error Tron is the slightly different pocket-sized Synthesizer & noise-making machine that invites you to play with vintage capacitors, LEDs & sensors.

This standalone synth from the indie developer Error Instruments is not designed for classic analog synth sounds but for making noises and soundscapes. It is inspired by the tropical nice module, an experimental oscillator for Eurorack. The standalone version offers two little patchbays on the bottom that invites you to play around with compartments including vintage capacitors, LEDs or sensors.

It is not about making the right connections like in a traditional synth, mistakes are also allowed. 4 knobs are on board with which you can manipulate the sound as well as 6 switches in the upper third. On the connection side, it has a mini-jack out and a CV in.

Error Tron

Error Tron

To play with binary dividers & there is a special place that you can take out and put other Compartments in like capacitors LED or light-sensitive sensors You can play with tropical capacitors from the 60s and 70s to make different sounds and sweeps.

Because the compartments are limited, there are only 20 made for now. Every Error Tron comes with a bag of 10 capacitors tropical and special 10 normal capacitors that we are using these days. It also includes three sensors for light sensitivity, five LEDs for different pulses. A battery clip is also in the package.

Error Tron is available now for 199€ from Error Instruments

More information here: Error Instruments

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