Two Eurorack Modules Made With Otto’s DIY & Last Call To Support The Campaign!

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Some weeks ago, I reported about the Otto’s DIY Kit by Intech Studio, which allows you to design and develop Eurorack modules yourself. The project is currently already in it’s final phase and will end in a few hours.

The developers have given me information about two Eurorack module projects realized with the Otto DIY set. The MicroClock is a per example a clock utility modules with clock division outputs. The second module is the Otto’s Monotron where the developed transform a best known KORG Monotron Synthesizer to a Eurorack module. These two projects demonstrated only a part what is possible with is actually possible with the Otto’s DIY system.

What Is Otto’s DIY ?
The best way to showcase a product’s functionality is by presenting use-cases and examples. Up until now, we made two build videos, each shows a different application of Otto’s DIY. The first video features a clock module based on Arduino. The second is a mod video, we interfaced a Korg Monotron Duo with eurorack.


We have plenty of different Arduino boards laying around in the office. In hobby electronics Arduino is popular, so we thought utilizing one as part of a eurorack module might be interesting. The coolest thing in the Arduino based design is that it can do whatever you want. This module is programmed to have multiple clock division outputs (x1 x0.5 and x0.25 ). One knob controls the tempo, the other controls the maximum amount of swing (random time jitter) in the output.

Otto’s Monotron

Planning and building user interface with Otto’s DIY is easy. Many try to interface guitar pedals and other gadgets with the eurorack format. Such mods are usually harder to execute than they look at first sight. But not with Otto’s DIY, as the format is already given with the combination of panels and the PowerBrick. We modded the Korg Monotron Duo to demonstrate how Otto’s DIY can be used for a modding job.

More information here: Intech Studio Otto’s DIY 

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