The Latest Update Of Rozeta Sequencer Suite Features A Brand New MIDI Hadron Collider AUv3 Plugin

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Bram Bos probably did not promise too little when he released the Rozeta Sequencer Suite last year. Not like other developers who develop only few new features in the life cycle of an existing app, he published in regular sections new AUv3 plugins for this suite. With every new release, the whole app grow very much. To celebrate the new year, Ruismaker introduced in the latest version 1.06 the Rozeta Collider, a new MIDI hadron collider.


This plugin is useful for exploring semi-repeating generative phrases and patterns. Compared to Rozeta Particles, the Collider plugin will sound less random and more predictable, while still mutating and surprising due to its colliding MIDI Hadrons.

Other Changes In The Update 1.0.6
  • Rozeta X0X now supports accents
  • Bassline, Rhythm and X0X now reset to the first pattern when rewinding in stopped mode
  • Slightly improved timing accuracy in all plugins
  • Added more scales
  • Added more drum keymap templates
  • Lots of minor fixes and improvements

The MIDI Hadron Collider AUv3 is now available free of charge in the latest update of the Rozeta Sequencer Suite.

Available here: Rozeta Sequencer Suite 


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