Sonicware’s ELZ_1 Synthesizer Is: Portable, Battery Powered & Features A Multi-Synthesis Engine

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Even if the news situation is dominated by well-known companies like KORG, ARTURIA etc. today, there are also very small companies with new very different Synthesizers. A new company from Japan with the name Sonicware released recently first information about a new portable digital Synthesizer with a powerful multi-synthesis engine.

A Digital Synth Engine Monster

The concept of the ELZ_1 honestly reminds me of the Teenage Engineering OP-1 as it also bundles many different digital engines in the small space. The ELZ_1 features:

  • FM synthesis (4 operators with feedback and detuning)
  • 8 bit wave memory synthesis (waveform editing and morphing with FM mode)
  • DNA explorer (extract and generate waveforms from audio)
  • SiGRINDER (granular synthesizer engine)
  • Standard OSC (sin, square, triangle and saw waves)
  • Low-bit OSC (sin, square, triangle and saw waves)

The ELZ_1 is powered by a wide range of filters to offer a lot of different sound options: LPF, HPF, BPF, Peaking EQ, LO EQ, HI EQ and Graphic EQ. The device is designed to be a performance instruments with unique sounds.

Onboard Effects & Arpeggiator For Advanced Sound Designs 

The Sonicware ELZ_1 features beside the big amount of synthesis types also a wide range of digital effects:

  • Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz
  • Chorus, Flanger, Vibrate, Phaser
  • Tremolo, Auto Pan
  • Delay, Tape Echo
  • Room, Hall, Arena, Spring, Plate

The modulation section is powered by several envelopes (ADSR). For creating interesting melodies, it includes also an arpeggiator section with Up, Down, UpDown, DownUp, Up & Down, Down & Up and Random.

Battery Powered & Built-in Speaker For Maximum Portability 

Interesting here is that this new digital Synthesizer doesn’t need necessarily have to hang on a cable but also run very smart on batteries. Also an built-in speaker gives you maximum freedom where to play the instrument.

Connections – Everything You Need Is Included!

On the connection side, the ELZ_1 features an AUX in for input backing tracking, a USB connection to connect it to your PC & Mac (MIDI) as well as headphone and line outputs.

Availability & Price: TBA 

More information here: Sonicware ELZ_1

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