NAMM 2018: ARP ODYSSEY FS Synthesizer Is Back & Now Bundled With The SQ-1 Sequencer

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Already last year, the ARP Odyssey FS was introduced. It’s an ODYSSEY in original size and with full size buttons. The limited numbers were quickly sold out and was no longer possible to buy more units. Today, KORG announced that the ODYSSEY FS is back and now bundled with the new SQ-1 Sequencer. But there is a difference: the new ARP Odyssey is now assembled in Japan and not in the US.

Melville, NY –January 18th, 2018

Korg has announced a resurgence of the popular ARP ODYSSEY FS,this time as a limited-edition bundle that includes a Korg SQ-1. With perfectly replicated analog circuits and sound,and a full-size chassis to match the original, this limited-production product will be available in allthree historic colors (white, black/gold and black/orange). All models also include a limited-edition ARP color version with orange silk-screening on a black panel, as well as two mini-patch cables to make sequencing seamless and convenient.

By connecting via CV/GATE, users who prefer analog sequencing can enjoy the infinite possibilities of ARP’s legendary synthesis on a full-size unit. Like the ARP ODYSSEY series that relaunched the brand, and the modules to follow, the FS series offers the same three-filter configuration, USB and 5-pin MIDI and the classic rubber pitch and mod pads.

Reproduce the characteristic synthesis of ARP Odyssey from the circuit level.

Sharp and sharp sound, and ARP Odyssey with the greatest variety of timbre variations due to rich modulation. We also implemented the ARP ODYSSYY circuit fully reproduced under the supervision of Mr. David Friend, co-founder of ARP Instruments, also in ARP ODYSSEY FS.

  • 2 VCO. Duophonic specification that the oscillator sounds at different pitches when pronounced simultaneously.
  • ARP Odyssey Perfectly reproduced the high stability of the pitch which was very unusual at that time.
  • Wide adjustable pitch from 20 Hz to 2 kHz.
  • Pitch modulation and pulse with modulation can be controlled.
  • A lot of harmonics to high frequencies, a sharp and effective oscillator / sink.
  • Noise generator with white and pink, 2 kinds of noise type.
  • 1 LFO. It can be used for oscillator, filter modulation source, sample & hold trigger source, etc
  • Ring modulator that generates harmonic rich metallic sound.
  • Featureful S / H MIXER. Sampling and hold sound can be generated very easily by triggering with LFO or keyboard, with oscillator and noise generator as the source.
  • All three types of low-pass filter circuits, which vary depending on the production time of the original ARP Odyssey, are installed.TYPE I (Rev 1) that produces a sharp punchy sound at 12 dB / Oct, TYPE II (Rev 2) with 24 dB / Oct comfortable thick bass, and TYPE III (Rev 3) with very stable effect even if raising the resonance is switched to 1 Switchable by one.

  • It is possible to modulate with a variety of modulation sources such as S / H, LFO, ADSR, and AR for filters.
  • A high-pass filter is mounted on the rear stage of the low-pass filter, realizing even wider sound creation.
  • New function DRIVE switch that distorts the VCA and produces extreme and rough sounds.
  • VCA GAIN slider which keeps the sound to sound. Ideal for making sound.
  • Envelope generator with two types of ADSR type and AR type.In addition to VCA, it can also be used for modulation of filters and oscillators.
  • Reproduce PPC (PRO- PORTIONAL PITCH CONTROL) by original rubber pad. You can control the strength of pitch bend and vibrato by pushing rubber with your fingers and depending on the pushing strength.
  • Portamento, slider and transpose level. Both of the original ARP Odyssey’s specification that whether portamento is useful at Rev 1 and Rev 2/3 are reproduced at the moment of moving the transpose lever, and it can be switched by the switch.
  • Equipped with
    • two types of audio output terminals with standard phone and XLR.
    • an external audio input terminal, it is possible to process the sound of an external instrument.
    • volume adjustable headphone jack. By connecting from the headphone jack to the external audio input jack, you can generate a strong sound with self feedback.
    • CV, GATE, and TRIG terminals that transmit and receive analog signals. When connecting from the GATE OUT terminal to the TRIG IN terminal, EG will not trigger and legato rendition will be possible.
    • Standard size and mini size patch cable are included.
    • MIDI IN  terminal and USB MIDI terminal that can be connected to PC or MIDI equipment.

The ARP ODYSSEY FS will be shipped worldwide following its assembly in Japan. On display at the new Korg USA booth #8802 in Hall B, the ARP ODYSSEY FS will be available in 2018 for $1599.99

More information here: ARP ODYSSEY


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