KORG Introduced VolcaMix – The Long Desired Performance Mixer For The Volca Series

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KORG introduced today the VolcaMix, the long desired performance mixer for the Volca series. It features two mono and two stereo input channels including Aux In. For additional control over the sound, it includes a low/high-cut filter per channel and an analogue stereo expander & compression. The latter includes a super handy side-chain feature. Beside the audio features, musicians can sync the other Volca directly in the VolcaMix.

The VolcaMix is a good addition to the Volca Series but I would have liked to see onboard effects like a delay / reverb, more audio inputs & more. I will release an overview video from NAMM about the VolcaMix next week. So stay tuned.


Volca mix is the long-awaited mixer for the volca series. The Volca mix is a four-channel analogue performance mixer that lets you construct a live setup combining multiple Volca units. Volume faders are easy to control, plus crisp-sounding LO/HI CUT filters, and a master chain that radically transforms the sound. In addition to the sync function found on all volcas, there are also DC output connectors that can supply power for up to three volca units. Numerous functions to facilitate your on-stage volca performances have been packed into a high-quality aluminum-paneled body, reminiscent of a high-end DJ mixer. The Volca mix will unlock the maximum potential of the volca series.

  • four-channel analog mixer with an intuitive interface and plenty of connectivity
  • two mono inputs & one stereo input perfect for connecting three Volca units.
  • channel volumes for each audio track
  • mute buttons
  • LO/HI CUT Filter on each channel
  • RCA stereo line outputs
  • master volume with LED VU meter
  • headphone output
  • build-in speakers
  • master effects
  • analog circuitry
  • expander that broadens a mono source into a stereo sound image
  • compressor with side-chain
  • AUX in for external effects (send /return connections)
  • analog sync out jack
  • play button & tempo knob
  • Three Volca DC Out jacks included to power up three Volca units
  • AC adapter included
  • Audio cables included

The Volca Mix will be available in January 2018 for $169.99 USD.

More information here: KORG 

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