Waves Audio Released Bass Slapper Virtual Instrument Plugin For PC & Mac

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After releasing several instrument plugins, Waves Audio released this week another new product in their lineup for PC and Mac. Bass Slapper is a new slap bass virtual sample instrument that deliver the full expressiveness of a seasoned bass player. This plugin is designed to offer a large variety of bass sounds for many different music styles like funk, soul, rock, hip hop, metal and beyond.

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Waves Bass Slapper lets you recreate on your keyboard the realistic nuances of a dexterous bass player, with complete control over every note and articulation, including thumbing, popping, hammer-ons, pull-offs, open strings, legato sounds and dead notes.

Bass Slapper includes the world’s most extensive sample library of special bass guitar sounds, with slides, left- and right-hand mutes and harmonic strums. The instrument’s intuitive position and articulation controls let you determine precisely where to play on the fretboard, when to switch strings, which strings to thumb or pop, and more.

For endless tonal possibilities, Bass Slapper features studio-grade stompbox effects, detailed tone controls from vintage warmth to modern punch, and your choice of clean DI or authentic amp sounds.

Features of Bass Slapper

  • The world’s most extensive slap bass sample library.
  • 11 interactive playing positions with automatic string switching.
  • Full 5-string articulations: thumbing, popping, mutes & more.
  • Real-time MIDI controls.
  • Customizable Keyswitch Editor.
  • Studio-quality effects & authentic amp simulation.
  • Detailed tone controls with 4-band EQ, sub octave, low boost.
  • Authentic amp & clean DI tones.
  • Plugin or standalone instrument.
  • NKS-ready for NI Komplete Kontrol and Maschine.

Bass Slapper (VST/AU/AAX) is now on sale for $29 USD (regular $69 USD). Save additional 10% OFF when you use the Synth Anatomy link.

More information here: Waves Blass Slapper 

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