Save 60% Off Helper Saturator Effect Plugin For PC & Mac

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Plugin Boutique just launched a limited time sale on the W.A. Production Helper Saturator plugin for PC and Mac. Save for limited time 60% OFF. For a price of under 10€, not a bad deal for a good saturator plugin.

With Helper Saturator, you have 2 options of saturation to use on your sounds. It features 2 saturation modules, which are Tube distortion and Tape distortion. They both add analog “warmth” to your sounds without over-distorting them. Helper Saturator can be used in varieties of audio mixing cases: you may use it to get good results with drums, bass, and vocal tracks, over sub-mixes and of course over complete mixes.

With its both low pass and high pass filter modules, you’ll be able to cut off unwanted frequencies from the saturated audio signal. The possibilities are endless as you use the filter modules for creative purposes such as crafting new unique sounds. With the input and output gain control, proper gain staging can be done before and after the saturation process. You can choose to saturate different types of audio signal from the audio source – Stereo, Mid, Side, Left & Right.

Helper Saturator is now available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU), priced at just 8.21 € until August 21st.

Available here: W.A. Production Helper Saturator 


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