ZOOM Announced 12-Channel LiveTrak L-12 – Affordable All-In-One Recording Solution

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The cat is out of the bag. ZOOM announced this week a new affordable interface that enables audio mixing and recording in one single device. The new ZOOM LiveTrack is not only a 12 channel audio mixer but also a complete audio interface. It features 12 discrete channels (8 mono & 2 stereo) with XLR or 1/4 -inch connectivity. To refine the sounds, it comes with 16 built-in delay and reverb effects with adjustable parameters.

At one feature point, the Japanese developers has continued to think in terms of development than other companies. Unlike other audio interfaces, the LiveTrak L-12 can also record your mixed tracks directly on a SD card. That’s especially a great feature if you want to work without a DAW or simply record your concerts. I’m pretty sure that ZOOM will sell this device a lot because you get a lot of great features for an affordable price. I’m a long term user of ZOOM products and I’m pretty sure the audio and build quality will be great.

With the LiveTrak L-12, you can finally mix, record, and monitor with a single piece of gear. It’s the only digital console that lets you mix your live performance and record up to 12 discrete channels – all while providing five individual custom headphone mixes.


  • 12 discrete channels (8 mono plus 2 stereo) with XLR or 1/4-inch connectivity
  • 14-track simultaneous recording, 12-track playback
  • 14-in/4-out USB audio interface connectivity
  • 5 powered headphone outputs, each with a customizable and saveable mix
  • Add backing/click tracks from your computer to your live mix and recording
  • RCA and TRS line inputs
  • 48V phantom power (channels 1-4 and 5-8)
  • Hi-Z connectivity (channels 1 and 2)
  • 26 dB pad (channels 3-8)
  • Built-in compression control (Channels 1-8)
  • Digital level meters -48 dB to -0 dB
  • Master mute button
  • Low-cut control
  • Stereo panning
  • Master and Monitor Outputs A-E
  • Scene saving function, up to 9 scenes saved at a time
  • 16 built-in delay and reverb effects with adjustable parameters
  • Built-in slate mic
  • Class-compliant mode (for iOS compatibility)
  • SD card input
  • Built-in metronome
  • Automatic recording starting/stopping capability
  • Project protection
  • Import/export projects with USB 2.0 host port
  • Latency adjustment for A-to-D conversion
  • Compatible functions for ZOOM FS01 footswitch

The ZOOM LiveTrak L-12 will be available in stores in September 2017, with a street price of US $599.

More informations here: ZOOM LiveTrak L-12

Available for pre-order here: ZOOM LiveTrak L-12


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