Nikolozi NFM Synthesizer – First Impression & Sound Demo Of The New 6 Operators AUv3 Synth for iOS

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Nikolozi released this week NFM, a 6 operators FM Synthesizer for iOS. Top feature of this new fm is the fully customizable fm algorithm that gives musicians the freedom to design own FM sounds with any possible combination. Beside the deep operator system, NFM also includes a full featured envelope with many parameters which goes behind classical ones. Also interesting to know is that the complete engine is made very intuitive and invite users to change parameters without having big fears. Not to forget, NFM also features an AUv3 extension so you can use it multiple times in your song.

I created today a longer sound demo of the NFM synth and can say that I’m satisfied with the sound quality. The dedicated feedback amount for every operator is a nice sound design feature that can change a lot the sound character of a preset per example. Beside the nice feedback feature, NFM also includes after the 6 operators, a nice FM drive that gives additional drift and digital harshness to your sounds. The included effects sounds nice but doesn’t refine massively the sound character of the synth. They are good enough as sound design feature but are not deep enough to be a major advantage. I would recommend here to use external effects to have more options to refine the sound.

In summary, I can say

  • intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • a good amount of presets
  • FM madness with the full customizable algorithm
  • AUv3 support
  • Feature request for the future: support for DX7 sysex files

To get a better idea about the sound quality of this new AUv3 FM Synthesizer, here a detailed sound demo.

If you need one more, than check out also the demo from the Sound Test Room 

What do you think about this synth? A must have or is it replaceable by other FM synths? Please let me know

Available here: NFM Synthesizer for iOS 


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