Take A Step Into The Past And Discover How Emagic Made Advertising For Logic

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There was a time when Logic Pro still belongs to a completely different company than Apple. Before Apple took the helm, Logic belonged to the Hamburg based company Emagic. Logic’s basic backbone comes from this German company and it was available for PC and Mac. In 2002, Emagic was bought and completely taken over by Apple. The consequence of this takeover was that from now on Logic was further developed only for Macintosh. To date, the same company from Hamburg under the name of Apple, is still working on the development of Logic Pro X.

If you can not remember the time before Apple, look at the video just below. It shows the first commercial video for the DAW Logic Audio. For today’s time, it’s a very funny video but also one that shows nicely how fast the time has flown and how strongly the technology has changed.

Check out here the commercial video of Logic Audio by Emagic 

Available here: Apple Logic Pro X 

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