Here Is Finally A Comparison Between The Moog Model D And Behringer D Synthesizer

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Finally, there is a good comparison between the original Moog Minimoog Model D and the Behringer D Synth. Jareth, a beta tester for the upcoming D synth, released today a long video where he compares the sound quality of the original unit and the clone. I watched the entire video and I must admit that the sound quality of this clone is excellent. Compared to the prototypes from Superbooth 2017, this current beta version sounds far better and has more the Model D character.

For me personal, there is still a difference between both instrument but honestly, most of the musicians won’t hear the big difference in this clone. Even if this is not an original Moog Model D, this is a great way for young and amateur musicians to get the charm of the Model D sound.  In addition to the sound, the price and form factor also plays an important role here. Compared to the right Moog Synth, the Behringer is much cheaper and very small. Due to the small construction, it is transportable for the road as well usable in the studio. I was not impressed by the little knobs but I must say now that I’m really looking forward to play myself with the Behringer D synth.

Here is what Jareth wrote under the video

Hello Everyone, This is a demo of the Behringer model D. I am a beta tester for this unit and I go over some of my first impressions as far as build quality, features, tone quality, and even a direct comparison to a real vintage minimoog model D from 1972, (The Real Test). Note: this vintage minimoog has the rev 2 oscillators, (not the oscillator using the thermally regulated voltage to exponential current converter UA726) and all other boards are original as well.
This Behringer Model D has left a great first impression with myself but I leave you guys to be the judge.  There will be another video covering the noise source as well as the EG controlling the pitch, forgot to cover that in this video.
I want to send a very special thank you to Uli Behringer for the opportunity to test and demo this unit.

For the Moog Fans: I have to be completely honest, this was one of the toughest videos I have made because of the fact Im a huge moog enthusiast, (as you can see from so many of my other videos) but I also have say that the new moog music has made a critical mistake in business, they brought back something without owning all the rights. I hate it for moog but at the same time I wish all the best to them and hope this experience kick starts them back into engineering shape, ( I would love to see something new from moog). I have never heard of a company moving forward by going backwards and I leave it at that.


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