Numerical Audio Released RP-1 – Dual Digital Delay Plugin For PC & Mac

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One of the best sounding delay apps with AUv3 support currently available for the iOS cosmos is the RP-1 from Numerical Audio. It’s a clever designed delay app with some cool creative features. Good news coming today from the developer of this app. Kai Aras, main developer announced the availability of the RP-1 dual digital digital as plugin version for PC and Mac.

The RP-1 delay plugin is a very versatile and easy-to-use delay plugin that can produce short and long delay without big efforts. On top, it includes a flexible routing system where musicians can adjust each delay line independently and it process the audio input/out in true stereo. I recommend you to check out absolutely this plugin as soon as possible because the developer launched a special no-brainer introduction price where you can purchase it for a very low price of 5€. (normally 31€)


Delay section 

  • Delay times from 10ms to 2000ms or 1/32th to 4bars
  • Lowpass and Highpass filters (Pre Delay)
  • Stereo Spread
  • Tempo Sync via Host Tempo
  • Tap Tempo and Manual Tempo
  • Normal, Dotted and Triplet mode
  • One Button Looping
  • Effect Bypass
 Mod section 
  • A total of 7 different algorithms to choose from including Chorus, Vibrato, Flanger, Pan, Tremolo, Phaser & Mod Delay
  • Feedback Control
  • Modulation Amount
  • Modulation Frequency from 0.1hz to 10hz
  • Routing Pre/Post Delay
  • Mod Bypass

Here are some sound demos 

Numerical Audio RP-1 dual delay (VST/AU) is available now for an introduction price of 5€ (regular 31€). A demo version is available for free from the developers website.

More informations here: Numerical Audio RP-1 Dual Delay

Available here: RP-1 for iOS 

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