Physical Audio Launched PA3 Derailer Beta Version – A Modular Physical Modelling System For Mac

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Physical Audio, a new music software developer launched over the weekend the Beta version of PA3 Derailer, a new modular physical modelling synthesis system for Mac. Based on a new modular architecture with two basic elements, PA3 Derailer is very deep instrument in my opinion because it can produce a very wide range of very different sounds without sounding like an old synth. Really cool new upcoming product and I’m curious how the development will go further. Unfortunately at this moment, there is no version available for Windows.

Derailer is a physical modelling system with two basic elements. One is a metal bar that you can strike or bow. The other is a nonlinear mass/spring connection. This allows you to join two bars together so that vibrations from one create sympathetic resonance in the other. By connecting multiple bars you can create new instruments that have their own unique sound.

  • 37 Strike bars
  • 5 resonators bars 
  • Up To 81 mass/spring connections 
  • Striking, multi-strike arpeggiator and bowing gestures 
Derailer is now available as Audio Unit Instrument for macOS 10.9 or above. A free beta version is now available for download from developer’s website.

More informations here: Physical Audio PA3

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