MQN X – New Sismo Analog Synthesizer With Elliptical Tap Sequencers Released

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Sismo, a very small developer from South American announced the official of the MQN X Synthesizer. It represent the next level of the Sismo sound research, expanding possibilities of rhythm combinations.  The new Sismo MQN X is in my opinion a very experimental rhythm Synthesizer.

It includes

  • Elliptical tap sequencers
  • Sequencer On/Off
  • Drum parts
  • Double LFO
  • Symmetric oscillator
  • Speed, square/triangle waveform
  • Clock divider (2/4/8/16)
  • Clock out
  • Mixer
  • Each part includes CV In and Out

The Sismo MQN X is now available for 180$ in their official web store.

More informations here: Sismo MQN X

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