Major Discounts On The Yamaha Reface Series

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Yamaha announced some major price drops on their Reface Series. We can’t say something if there are coming some new instruments but currently you can save a lot on these devices. There are currently no rumours about new Yamaha Synths so we assume that this offer is a summer sale. 

Yamaha Reface CS Synthesizer

  • 8-note polyphonic Virtual Analog synth
  • Five unique oscillator types
  • Powerful and intuitive control

Available here: Yamaha Reface CS Synthesizer (399€ –> 276€)


Yamaha Reface DX FM Synthesizer 

  • 4-operator FM Sound Engine
  • Continuously variable feedback on every operator
  • Multi-touch controls

Available here: Yamaha Reface DX FM Synthesizer (399€ –> 339€)


Yamaha Reface CP E-Piano 

  • reface CP puts a van full of iconic 70s stage keyboards and vintage effects into a portable retro-styled package without sacrificing sound, playability or polyphony.

Available here: Yamaha Reface CP E-Piano (399€–> 321€)


Yamaha Reface YC Organ 

  • reface YC gives you all the unique expression of drawbars, rotary speaker, percussion and effects for a complete organ experience that fits under your arm.

Available here: Yamaha Reface YC Organ (399€ –> 369€) 

No information how long this offer will be available 

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