New Arrival: QU-Bit Electronix Brings Galactic Clocks To The Eurorack System

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Have you always wanted to buy some sophisticated and different clocks for your Eurorack system? If yes, than QU-Bit Electronix from US has announced something especially for you. With their latest release Pulsar, you are able to create a stream of triggers across four outputs. A very interesting different approach to work with classical Eurorack clocks. Another interesting fact from this release: it’s the first QU-Bit Electronix module with a black panel design. 

Pulsar is a burst generator inspired by stars that output beams of electromagnetic radiation in space. Once keyed, a stream of triggers are dispersed across four outputs.

Environmental factors like absorb and gravity alter the behavior of each burst and affect its movement through time. Eight unique dispersion modes provide a range of stream types including euclidean, binary, random, and fractal. Galactic clocks for the Eurorack system. 

  • 14hp
  • Burst generator
  • Four unique outputs
  • Eight dispersion modes
  • Physics simulation with gravity and absorb
  • Black anodized aluminum front panel
  • Galactic clocks

QU-Bit Pulsar is now available for pre-order for a price of $289 from the official web store

More informations here: QU-Bit Pulsar


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