Roland released Roland Cloud 4.2 Update: New Anthology 1990 Instrument Plugin added

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Roland released today Roland Cloud 4.2 Update and adds some old Synthesizer sounds to the subscription service. The new Anthology 1990 instrument plugin includes synth sounds from the last century. Even with my ambivalent feelings about the Roland Cloud, I’m satisfied to see that Roland still continue releasing new stuff to their subscription service. I hope a lot that they will fix one day the GUI’s and the workload of their plugins. Also, I think that the subscription price is to high and should be lower. A price of 9.99€/$ would be the perfect price for this service and would attract more users for sure.

Welcome to Roland Cloud’s early Spring release, or our 4.2 “April Update.”  This time, we’re ecstatic to deliver to you the sounds from one of our favorite synths from the last century via the latest addition to our Anthology series. After downloading and using the aptly named “Anthology 1990,” we’re sure that you’ll see why we’re excited.

One of primary drivers behind why we love this synthesizer is the warmth and presence found in each and every patch. Contained herein you’ll find breathy flutes, lucious layered voices and big, beefy basses.  From the expressive “Grandioso” piano to the immediately recognizable from 90’s ambient music “Shak-Filt”, these 64 deep sampled patches deep sampled from the original 64 patches are sure to delight.

As with all instruments in the Anthology series, you’ll find an intuitive and inviting experience in Anthology 1990. Simply launch your DAW, load the instrument and immediately start creating.  Whether it’s in your home studio or on a laptop on stage from the beach in Ibiza, all Anthology instruments carry the Anthology promise: ready to go with low system overhead and high quality.  

Don’t forget, this is but the latest addition to our ever-expanding catalog.  There are many more to come.  There are also quite a few already available, including the AIRA, LEGENDARY, FLAVR and TERA Series.  If this is your first time at Roland Cloud, we encourage you take a look.  We also encourage you to download and play our current catalog, including Anthology 1990 for free for a month by becoming a member using the button below.

More Informations here: Roland Cloud
Check out my video series about the Synthesizers from the Roland Clouds. I released only videos for the pure synthesis products.

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